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    大香焦在线观看 大香焦在线综合视频s - Shanghai Wo Yi quality products

    The Wo benefits purifying ventilation 大香焦在线综合视频 characteristics:

    Quick to install the system without screws, simple load can be.

    Two of the best air flow.

    3 ultra-flat design of the cascade.
    4 noise level is low.

    5 fans turn over, you can choose the direction of the ventilation or hair.

    Such as external interference can be avoided through the use of fans and 大香焦在线综合视频s DC (24V DC).

    Protection category IP43 to IP54 or IP55 level

    8 fan and 大香焦在线综合视频 housing for heat-resistant fire-retardant VO-level engineering plastics, their self-extinguishing UL94-VO


    ===Common specifications===

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