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Use the filters need to choose carefully

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大香焦在线观看 a lot of species, not just come up with a filter which things can be done, need to see a specific filter what. Such as household efficiency filter, medium filter, or the early effect of the filter, etc.; generally the early effect is mainly applied to air conditioning and ventilation systems primary filtration, clean room return air filter, pre-filtering of the local high efficiency filter device. Overall filter debris particles. In fact

Centralized filter mentioned above, there are several. Specific Wo Yi purification details.

Generally in effect filter is mainly used for large occasions, such as factory central air conditioning and central air system, it can be used for primary filtration of the air-conditioning systems in order to protect the system's filtration system is not strictly a place, the general air purification use efficiency the air in the filter processing can be directly available to users.

High efficiency air filters can be widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, beverages and foodstuffs, PCB and printing industry dust-free air conditioning of the workshop the end of the air at.

High efficiency filter efficiency: 99 99% @ 0 3um, efficient and ultra-high efficiency filter for clean room end of its structure can be divided into: HEPA, HEPA, high winds and efficient, ultra-efficient filter.

Purification equipment Wo benefits the most core of a product is the high efficiency filter, has been widely applied to the major places, users with the universality of the relatively high filter, the use of more broad, so according to their need to choose purchase a suitable filter